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Welcome to Forex Investing Course .com! We started out doing a simple forex course to help you learn some of the basics of forex trading and investing, but we have grown to include more, including reviews and ratings of different products that are marketed to forex traders, articles that in addition to the course help you learn more about forex trading, analysis of websites in the forex sphere (including brokers and which ones to use), and different news from the world of Forex.

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In addition to the course and the information that we provide on the site we will also provide you with a weekly newsletter about goings on in the world of Forex trading and investing. We will dig through the mountains of information that’s out there and just give your the essential forex information. We do the work so you don’t have to!

Let’s go over this piece by piece to show you everthing we provide for free!

Forex Trading Basics Course – (value $47) – Whether your new to the world of Forex or a seasoned investor that just want’s a refresher, this is the course for you. Get a solid grounding in the world of forex trading and investing so that you can then start off on the right foot.

Product Reviews and Ratings – (value $27-$497) – Ever wonder if a paid course or product that you see out there is worth it? The value on here is just the pricing of some of the paid courses and products that we have seen in the marketplace for forex traders, but even more than the cost of a course or product would be the priceless value of your time and the investment that you put in with your brokerage.

Website, Service, and People Reviews – (value – $$$Priceless!!!) – We review the brokerages, trading signal sites, and different people in the world of Forex trading. We believe that you should only work with the best. To that end, we help to sift through all the good and the bad out there. We take not only our opinion, but we also try to the best of our ability to get the opinion of the community at large. Think we got one wrong? Tell us! Think we gave a bad review to a good company? Let us know!

Articles – (value – $27 & increasing with each new article) – These articles are about a wide variety of subjects regarding Forex Trading. Each could easily be turned into it’s own report (maybe I’ll have to do that someday), but it also useful on it’s own. Used in connection with the course, these will give you the basics you need to hit the ground running!

Forex Trading and Investing News – (value – priceless) – Keep up to date with everything going on in the world of Forex trading and investing. We aim to be your one stop shop so that all you need to do is check us and then hit your broker to put in your trades! (maybe we’ll even work on setting up a partnership with a brokerage so that you can go to them through us! hmmmm.)

You get all this and more – A minimum $101 dollar value for everything this site provides for you and it’s all free! Add to that we’ll be constantly working to improve the site and make things better for you (we’re currently working on something to get you entry and exit points) and you have an amazing value, all for free!!!

So what are you waiting for? Start exploring the site now! Can’t find something you want? Let us know or maybe just try back in a few days and we just might have it!

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