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The dollar trend

Here are the most recent news about the currency markets. Trade on assets with the trend.

Upon reaching the summit, the dollar is then bluntly curled against the onslaught of the Swiss franc. The SNB has maintained its monetary policy of a Libor ranging from zero to a quarter point. The chief of the institution, Jordan, said it was wise to keep the cap from a low of national money against the euro at 1.2000 CHF as below that level, the Swiss economy would be in jeopardy. The head of the SNB has therefore welcomed the resumption of values around the 1.2350 EUR/CHF currency market. The Cross USD/CHF meanwhile demonstrated difficulty in freeing the high of the year. A new crossing under the level of 0.9500 certainly reassured sellers. Today Switzerland announces its IPP.

The euro regained some ground late yesterday trading against the U.S. dollar after falling to 1.2911. However, the downward trend continues on this currency pair, mainly because of the obvious economic differential between the two sides of the Atlantic. Unemployment claims figures in the United States have also beautifully illustrated this fact. Today, the market will digest a myriad of US indicators that will, according to the consensus, reconfirm the recovery of the U.S. economy. This will be the Empire Manufacturing Index for New York area, the CPI, industrial production, and finally, the index of consumer confidence. The medium-term trend remains on the euro, according to technical analysis, with a bearish price target at 1.2700.

Good American numbers and confirmation of the appointment of Huroka as governor of the Bank of Japan had the effect of causing the U.S. dollar to rise on the forex market. The Dollar Yen pair has evolved Thursday between 95.67 and 96.58, a band of fluctuations of almost 100 pips. The market is rather optimistic about this currency pair. You should therefore look for the resistance levels to cross now. This is in a first time 96.48 which limited the increase of the pair yesterday, and then 97.7.

The end of the week is pretty quiet for the pound sterling with few new macroeconomic indicators. However, the pair knows an interesting movement as we see a pull back which is a well-known figure by the chartists. This pull back has led the cable still up yesterday with a peak at 1.5039. For the increase to continue in the short term, it is necessary that the pair remains above 1.5000 which acts as a former support and a resistance now, which also corresponds to a Fibonacci retracement of 50%. In short, the level is crucial. We therefore look carefully at the evolution of this pair to see if it closes the week above 1.5000.

The Australian dollar had a good session on Thursday thanks to strong employment figures and unemployment in Australia. These data have reassured traders who worried a little in recent weeks about the country’s economic development. In fact, there has been some catching up on this pair with the Australian dollar having a higher daily at 1.0392. However, the level of 1.0400 could not be passed. The market will take care for the continuation of this move, at least not until the 1.0400 level which acts as resistance has not been exceeded. We will also pay attention to the volatility inherent in the publication of U.S. macroeconomic this afternoon.

Setting Up a Forex Trading Software

For any new investor looking to break into Forex trading, software is a viable option to get the ball rolling in the right direction with minimal effort and research.

Forex trading software is designed to simplify almost every aspect of the Forex trading process while helping the investor to minimize the risks associated with trading. This is particularly important if you trade binary options as you could not do that with software.

One of the most appreciate features of Forex trading software is that can automate the majority of common tasks an investor needs to perform on any given day. This can greatly reduce the workload of the investor so they can focus their time on research and study of market trends – after all you won’t know what currency to by if you’re not watching the economy and markets.

Choosing to go it alone can be a difficult road. Many survive this way if they’ve done enough research and homework but Forex trading software streamlines the entire process to save the user a lot of confusion – especially a new user who is just getting started in Forex trading online. The simplicity for this type of user is really amazing.

The software allows a trader, from the comfort of their own home, to log in and review past history and trending in the market, analyze new market data, get advice and execute trades in a simple environment that’s designed to make trading easy and with reduced risk. Many investors hit a plateau on their profits due to an uncountable number of variables – Forex trading software has often provided these investors with the edge they need to push their profit margins higher.

Having all that data in one place allows investors to really get into the statistical analysis to make expert, educated and deliberate decisions on where to invest. Forex trading software really does take a lot of the guesswork out of trading online.

A master benefit of many Forex trading software packs is that you are your own broker. While many people will push that you absolutely must have a broker or agent to do Forex trading online there are a number of successful investors online who manage their investing through Forex trading software. They don’t have to give up commission to anyone, the profits are theirs to keep. The only thing you pay is the bid/ask spread. You can say goodbye to brokering or clearance fees.

The note about automation made at the beginning of this article goes a lot farther than just making the tasks easy on the investor. With a market that operates 24 hours a day, 5 days a week (some more some less) it’s important to keep up with all the other traders in the world as the Forex trading marketing floods with new investors.

That automation is extremely beneficial when you put in a system of parameters and guidelines for the software to follow. You’ll be able to affect trade even while you sleep. If you’re looking for a solid way to maximize trade and profit, Forex trading software is a solid way to effortlessly stream line the process.

Forex training

It doesn’t matter what you want to do in this world, if you want to do it right you need to understand what you’re doing.  You can’t start using power tools without knowing how they operate, you can’t effectively build a home without understanding architecture and construction and you cannot start trading currency online without Forex training.

You certainly wouldn’t try to work on a vehicle without some clear understanding of how the engine works and what tools to use yet there are so many people who line up with their extra money in hand to have a go at the Forex market – and many of them have no idea what they’re doing.

Often, they read just enough poor quality content online to be a danger to themselves and they tend to lost everything they invest, and then wonder where they went wrong.

They tried to do something that takes a certain measure of skill and experience without any appropriate training.  The Forex market isn’t a sideshow, and it’s not a fast food job that you can walk into and start flipping burgers.  This is a very serious medium for investment that demands respect.

The most intelligent move that a new investor can make is to get involved with a Forex training service or university online.  These Forex training programs will provide all the basic information you need to start, and will continue to provide information as you move through their modules to ensure that the investments you make in the Forex market are successful ones.

On top of the information, these Forex training programs provide all manner of resources such as training videos, courses, access to Forex mentors – essentially a complete education for the cost of a membership fee.

Those fee’s might be a turnoff to some, but consider that small fee vs. the potential losses you might face if you’re trading on the Forex marketing without proper Forex training.